Part of the easyGroup (easyJet etc.), easyHotel is the super budget hotel group that focuses on providing simple comfort for exceptionally good value - that and a great night's sleep.



easyHotel wanted to improve conversion rates of visitors to their site from look to book and increase cross sales in the process. This was to be achieved through anonymous personalisation. The copy presented to visitors is dependent on their viewing and booking history and whether they are:

  • First time visitors with no booking or browsing history;
  • Repeat visitors with browsing history but no booking history;
  • Repeat visitors with heavy booking and browsing history.

The tone of voice needed to welcome and engage with each visitor types, but also encompass the easyJet brand basics, pillars and differentiators. What type of conversation to have with site visitors? The one a hotel’s concierge has with its guests. This successful initiative led to my creating a tone of voice document for use in all written easyHotel communications.



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